“I want the antioxidants and nutrients in red fruit juices, but without all the sugar and calories!”

That’s what we heard from consumers again and again, and what inspired us to create RED QUEEN® Red Superfruit Mix. As experienced product development and management pros who’ve worked with and for leading beverage and supplement brands, we deeply understand your desire for red fruit antioxidants and nutrients but without all the sugar and calories in juice. We’re also keenly aware that you’re often on the move and don’t want to lug a full bottle of beverage around – not to mention your dislike of plastic bottle waste.

We created Red Queen to solve these problems. When you dissolve a stick pack of RED QUEEN® Superfruit Mix into water or your favorite smoothie, you get red superfruit antioxidants, polyphenols and anthocyanins at 1g sugar and 25 calories per serving – a fraction of the sugar and calories in red juices. RED QUEEN® easy-pour stick packs are portable and neat – and there’s no plastic bottle waste.

We hope you’re as excited about RED QUEEN® Red Superfruit Mix as we are, and that you make it an important part of your everyday healthy lifestyle.